Fit for a Prince?

Got this from Gibson Music Ashton Under Lyne as a repair job.  It had a break at the heel.  So had to re-glue it and do a little colour matched paint job to restore it. How weird that I should get this guitar this week when today the news breaks of the passing of Prince,…

Emergency Bass rescue at Manchester O2 Ritz

Saturday 23rd January received call from a band playing a sell out gig at the Manchester O2 Ritz.  Bass players volume pot packed up the night before during the encore, they didn’t have a spare bass so had to do a quick run into Manchester to collect the guitar and return in time for sound…

FRAMUS Jan Akkerman 1974 Original

A beautiful example of a signature guitar, pickups designed by Bill Lawrence. Six position rotary switch, what more could you ask for! Guitar designed by the man himself! Check out the Famous Frets section for the Jan Akkerman Personal and the new designed by Akkerman Brandin model of the JA Personal II.  

Something different?

I’ve posted this just for interest.  A friend came to see me with two guitars that have been built for use on an album cover.  The volume and tone pots that look like metal rivets are actually made of wood.  Apparently the idea is to make them look like they belong in a scrap yard…

On the edge…

New guitar that arrived in the shop in a damaged condition, the top edge lacquer and wood had been crushed.  The repair involved inserting tiny pieces of wood, sanding and then adding some finishing touches locally and then lacquer…….hey presto!  Good as new!

Total Nut Job!

This is a typical repair job for me.  A replacement nut after the original had lost a piece so I fitted a new one that needed cutting and filing to shape for a left handed guitar (so don’t be thinking the negative on the picture has reversed).

What the neck!!!!

What on earth are people doing with their guitars??  This one broke from the heel, not as serious so needed resetting and gluing.  Also required a slight touch up with lacquer but other than that job’s a good ‘un. 🙂