Gibson J200 Fret Dress

This guitar needed a fret dress as the owner was having fret buzz from the fourth fret to around the eighth.  The fret pictured had to be taken out and reinserted because the tang wasn’t making contact with the fingerboard.       Advertisements

How not to glue an Ibanez break!

This Ibanez had been broken and the owner attempted a repair with his own glue, not a good look and the neck angle was set all wrong.  Wood was missing from the front and the back so I had to break the neck again, put the wood back and repair it properly.

Lost In Space!

Funny how little things please! Really chuffed to see that Bill Mumy ‘LIKED’ my Paul Kossoff Review in Guitar and Bass magazine.  For those of an older generation you will remember Bill as Will Robinson from the hit US TV series Lost in Space (remember Robbie the Robot).  Bill has an awesome guitar collection.