Shaftesbury 4001 Rickenbacker Copy

This guitar was built around 1978, these are great quality guitars as they are very well made. The paint finish is good and the colour is authentic. This came to me as the frets were in need of dressing and shaping.  The intonation was way out so that had to be fixed too.  After a truss rod adjustment and lowering of the bridge it is now an excellent playing bass with a great sound.

For more background on Shaftesbury, see the Dave Hill review in the Famous Frets section.





7 thoughts on “Shaftesbury 4001 Rickenbacker Copy

  1. Hi Alan, really sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been doing some work for Guitarist Magazine and got totally sidetracked. Thanks for your enquiry but I’m afraid the bass isn’t for sale. Regards Steve


  2. I have a 4001 Shaftsbury copy which l purchased in 1974 and it had hardly been used. I played it along up to 1979 and its been locked away since.
    I have no idea what it’s worth but lt is for sale should anyone be interested. At 80 years of age it’s to much to hope l will ever play it again lol


  3. Hi David!
    My name is James McCown and I would be most interested! I’ve been looking for a Rick copy for years. I am also retired and have pretty much given up on the idea of ever getting a real one.
    Please contact me at the e-mail address at your convenience.

    Thank you for your time,
    James McCown


    • James,
      Thank you for your email regarding my Ricky copy. I have no idea what she’s worth so if you want it perhaps you could find out and make me an offer.
      Dave Lloyd


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