Keith Richards – No Sticky Fingers on this one please!

It’s a sad fact that it is so very rare to see anything like this guitar nowadays, as most of the guitars belonging to our heroes end up like gold held in vaults as an investment never seeing the light of day. Many are stolen, re-sprayed and sold. So to chance upon a guitar with this much history is amazing, and then, to get the opportunity to review it is just a dream come true. Having arranged a day to meet the owner and the guitar two weeks later, I arrived at the house. Tea and chat followed and then the moment came for me and the guitar to really shake hands! It’s going to be fascinating and amazing to look deeper into what made this guitar tick!!

I am still reminded of what classic guitar sounds made me want to spend hours listening to riffs and get close to that uncluttered vibe where you could hear the communication between player, guitar and amp that somehow got too processed with the shift to digital. People like Peter Green, Gary Moore and now Joe Bonamassa have all allowed the expression of what they feel to translate through the guitar first, and although the effects we use today are fantastic and give us more choice (which can make us very creative), I personally still love the simplicity of the sound of guitar, amp and reverb. This guitar can be heard on Exile on Main Street to great effect and Mick Taylor can be heard playing some brilliant licks with the Rolling Stones Live. It is rare indeed to ever see a guitar of this calibre and pedigree these days so to have the opportunity to get inside and up close to reveal the voice of this instrument has been a pleasure and privilege. I would like to thank the owner for his patience and help and for allowing me and my trusted tools access to the heart of this guitar.

For the full review of this guitar including details about it’s playability, build and history see Guitar and Bass magazine October issue vol.26.


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