Sam Li Flying V : a very special guitar

This is a guitar built by the late Sam Li that was brought to me by his step-daughter Fiona Beattie for some maintenance work.

The book alongside is written by author Mark Eglinton and Fiona about the life of this remarkable man and his wonderfully skilled work carried out for many world famous guitarists (incl. Francis Rossi’s green tele). It has been a thrill and a privilege to work on this V.

Huge thanks to Mark for making this happen and to Fiona for trusting me with this guitar. I highly recommend the book too.



2 thoughts on “Sam Li Flying V : a very special guitar

  1. I remember Sam Li..very well in the early 70s. He had a loft workshop at 19 Gerrard St in Soho. I took a Rickenbacker guitar to him for a refret. At that time Selmers in Charing Cross Road recommended him for guitar repairs and Ammancio De Silva for pickup repairs.
    On the Manchester Beat Forum..I got a response fro Fiona Beattie his stepdaughter..I can remember her visiting his workshop. She was looking for info for a prospective book from all who had met him and experienced his repair work. It’s nice to see.this book finally published. I shall be buying a copy from Amazon.


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