Going Potty

A restoration job taking out newly fitted pots on this 1961 Gibson 335 and putting back the original Centralab pots that were in the case, really fiddly job ….like putting a ship in a bottle x 5!

Gibson J200 Fret Dress

This guitar needed a fret dress as the owner was having fret buzz from the fourth fret to around the eighth.  The fret pictured had to be taken out and reinserted because the tang wasn’t making contact with the fingerboard.      

Jimi Hendrix Epiphone FT79 1951

This guitar was in Hendrix’s possession the longest and was used for recording all his UK releases and albums, it can be heard on those famous opening chords on ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and can be seen on You Tube where Hendrix is playing a version of the Elvis hit Hound Dog! The guitar will…

Prince – The Cloud Guitar

As used in 1993 in the New Power Generation Act 1 & 2 Tour.  Managed to review this guitar prior to auction at Bonhams Knightsbridge.  An interesting guitar from a build point of view…..   This guitar will feature in a forthcoming FF book.